Beautiful Venetian Blinds & Made to Measure Curtains in Oxted

At Playstow Furnishing, based near Oxted and East Grinstead in Lingfield, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of products that ensure whatever our clients’ aesthetic and practical requirements, they’ll be able to find something suitable. It’s also why we make bespoke made to measure curtains out of some of the finest materials on the market. Our curtain and carpet suppliers aren’t here to give you a “one size fits all” product or service. They’re here to find you a true one-off that ticks every box on your wish list. Whether it’s Venetian blinds, plantation shutters or an Axminster carpet you’re after, we’ll be able to help.


On this page, for the benefit of Oxted clients who are planning out the renovation of an existing room or decoration of a new room, our curtain and carpet suppliers have jotted down just a few things to consider when you don your interior design cap. Should you wish to see our products for yourself, we urge you to pay us a visit. Our Lingfield showroom features many stunning examples of everything from Venetian blinds to plantation shutters and curtains. Seeing really is believing!

Things to Consider When Choosing Curtains, Carpets & Blinds for Your Oxted Home

COLOUR – When designing or redesigning a room, Oxted homeowners should always look to establish an attractive and consistent colour scheme. Your made to measure curtains should work alongside any flooring our carpet suppliers are providing, which should in turn complement any new paint schemes or decorative features you’re looking to implement. Deep, bright colours are popular within bedrooms and lounges, while more muted and neutral tones are popular within kitchens, bathrooms and offices.


MATERIAL – The material you choose for made to measure curtains, or for Venetian blinds / plantation shutters, play an important part in how your finished room looks to visitors. If you’re looking to establish an opulent, luxurious feel to a lounge, for example, you might go for heavy and velvet plush curtains. For something more summery and breezy, a lighter material with an element of translucence would be better called for. Aluminium Venetian blinds might best suit an office environment, but perhaps timber would be better within the bedroom? There are many options available to our Oxted clients. Likewise, with carpets, you can choose from loop cut or a pile, or perhaps even a patterned carpet.


PRIVACY – A major reason you invest in made to measure curtains or blinds is to keep prying eyes out of your Oxted home. Curtains tend to do a good job of this, but are quite extreme in how they do it! They’re either closed or open, there’s little in-between. For many, this is sufficient, but some like the flexibility that Venetian blinds and plantation shutters offer. You can have them adjusted to a position where no one can see inside, but you’re still allowing some light into your property. This brings us to the next thing to consider…


LIGHT ACCESS – Made to measure curtains for the bedroom should really be chosen with the intention of keeping light out, unless you love waking when the sun rises! There are less limitations when it comes to other rooms, like living rooms. Think about the room’s intended purpose, and whether your choice of either curtains, Venetian blinds or plantation shutters will ensure you can let in or shut out light at the appropriate time (as mentioned before, blinds and shutters are great if you want a choice between two extremes).


FEEL UNDER-FOOT & DURABILITY – So this only applies to you if you’re calling in our carpet suppliers, who cover Oxted and all surrounding areas… but consider how a carpet will feel under-foot and how durable it will be. For high traffic areas, you don’t want something too plush and overly-soft. Plush and sumptuous carpets are best reserved for the bedroom, or for lounge areas in which children and pets don’t have free roam! For more busy areas, ask our carpet suppliers to help you find something that strikes a balance between something that feels nice, while being fit for purpose.

For more help deciding on made to measure curtains, venetian blinds, plantation shutters or carpets for your Oxted home – call our curtain and carpet suppliers on 01342 834 760.