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An essential part of interior design is ensuring you have a stylish and effective way of keeping light and prying eyes out of a room. Few like rude awakenings at 5am when the sun comes up, nor the idea that a nosy neighbour could be keeping tabs on you. But then comes an important, and often difficult question…. Do I choose Venetian blinds, plantation shutters, made to measure curtains or something entirely different? At Playstow Furnishing in Lingfield, we’ve received this very question from many of our clients in the past, many of whom hail from nearby East Grinstead. So on this page, our team of friendly, expert curtain and carpet suppliers have looked to help you come to a decision.


But if after reading the below you’re still not sure which product will suit your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call or pay us a visit. The latter option is especially recommended as you’ll get a chance to see our products in the flesh. Often, East Grinstead clients take one look at a set of Venetian blinds, plantation shutters or made to measure curtains and that’ll be it, they’ve fallen in love and want that exact product within their home on the very same day. But don’t worry if you take a little longer finding something that suits you, our curtain and carpet suppliers will be on hand to answer any questions and provide you with free, no obligation advice and quotations.

Venetian Blinds vs Plantation Shutters vs Curtains – What to Choose?

VENETIAN BLINDS – Typically made from aluminium, Venetian blinds have cemented themselves as a mainstay within the industry and can be found in countless homes and workspaces around East Grinstead. We see them often employed in home offices and workshops, as well as in commercial environments. But high quality Venetian blinds can also look great in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms – anywhere. They’re versatile because they’re easy to clean, offer a great degree of control over light access and privacy, and they’re also available in so many different finishes/styles.


PLANTATION SHUTTERS – Our curtain and carpet fitters most often find plantation shutters employed within East Grinstead clients’ kitchens. However, their distinctive thick/wide shutters, and the seamless way in which they are integrated within existing windows, makes them a great choice for any space. Plantation shutters are much easier to clean than curtains, which is perhaps the reason why you’re more likely to find them in bathrooms and kitchens than bedrooms. Wonder where their name comes from? Well, they were first popularised within the US southern states country mansions, often found on plantations and large masses of land. If you want something both classy and functional, plantation shutters are a great choice.


MADE TO MEASURE CURTAINS – If you want to bring a warm and inviting feel to your space, you can’t beat made to measure curtains. While Venetian blinds and plantation shutters might feel a little bit modern, curtains are timeless. They’re an ideal fit for the cosy rooms in your East Grinstead property; rooms in which you’re looking to relax, like your bedroom or living room. We make our made to measure curtains entirely in-house, using materials from some of the world’s most beloved designers/manufacturers. This means you can pick out a material that will match with your carpets and furniture.


Still unsure which would best suit your needs? Pick up the phone and call our curtain and carpet suppliers on 01342 834 760. We’ll be able to provide you with expert, no obligation advice and once you know what you like, issue you a free estimate on the cost.

If it isn’t obvious which will best suit your requirements, visit our showroom. It’s just a short drive from East Grinstead and features curtains, Venetian blinds and plantation shutters, too!